Skirts on Bikes

Yes, we posted about skirts on bikes a few weeks ago, but we think skirts on bikes are really cool. Not sexist, or sexually objectifying. Cool in more ways than one. Skirts in summertime, on a bike or off, are an excellent way to beat the heat. Skirts on bikes are a great reminder that one doesn’t need special attire to ride a bike. All one needs is a willingness to pedal. Worried about your skirt getting caught in the chain or the wheel? A chain guard and a skirt guard will ease your mind.


20110612120006 by Zane Selvans on flickr

20110611160146 by Zane Selvans on flickr

20110610121946 by Zane Selvans on flickr

20110415141211 by Zane Selvans on flickr

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4 Responses to Skirts on Bikes

  1. Lisa S says:

    We had some fun biking along the Boulder Creek path today, and I was thinking of Boulder Cycle Chic. So we took some photos. Here’s one, just for fun. I’m even wearing a skirt.

  2. Gemma says:

    I love wearing a skirt on my bike! I wear cycle shorts underneath and it gives me the confidence to wear skirts I might consider too short otherwise… I even have a bicycle print one which I love wearing when I’m on my bike. Yes, simple pleasures are my thing!

  3. Sally Yon says:

    I also love to ride my bike in a skirt but I tend to wear longer skirts that would get caught in the spokes of the back wheel without a skirt guard.
    I now live in California but grew up in rural England in a time when older women used bikes as a means of transportation and tended not to wear pants. They all had skirt guards on their bikes. I remember them as something entirely functional and rather drab.
    I wanted a skirt guard that was fun and so rather than search for one that I liked I decided to figure out a design and make my own. I have experimented with different fabrics and ways of attaching the skirt guard to the bike and am still on the lookout for ways to improve what I have so far.
    I recently opened a store on the Etsy website. This site is dedicated to all things handmade.
    I have had one of my skirt guards (the ‘Femme Fatale) ‘on my bike for several months and love it. It works well and stands up to use.
    Biking in regular clothes seems to be on the rise in the US, I hope that I can add fun as well as functionality to this.
    I would love feedback.

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