About Boulder Cycle Chic

20110415141222 by Zane Selvans on flickr

Cycle Chic is a photographic celebration of the Citizen Cyclist — the rider who doesn’t really think of themselves as a cyclist, but nonetheless does use a bike to get from point A to point B.  This kind of biking isn’t always taken seriously, but when it’s done en masse it helps to transform cities into much more human places.  Safer, healthier, more sociable, joyful, sustainable places.

The idea is to move from having mostly competitive or at least athletic bicycle subcultures to having a very broad bicycle culture.  You don’t often hear someone refer to themselves as a motorist, yet nearly everybody drives.  We want biking to be like that in Boulder.

With that goal in mind we’re trying to portray bicycles in a way that makes them accessible to a larger swath of society, to show that you can use a bike to get around town without any funny shoes or brightly colored skin-tight clothing.  You don’t have to get sweaty or exert any more effort than you would walking.  You (yes, you!) can safely and happily ride in the snow.  You can use a bike to carry children and groceries.  You can ride in platform heels and a sun dress, or sweats and a hoodie.  You can just be yourself — whoever that happens to be — but on a bicycle.

Blissed Out by Zane Selvans on flickr

The original Cycle Chic blog was spawned in Copenhagen in 2006 by Mikael Colville-Andersen, who also writes at Copenhagenize.  Since then, scores of similar photo blogs have cropped up in cities all over the world… Tallinn, Barcelona, New York, Los Angeles, Sydney and São Paulo, to name a few.  Boulder might be a little late to the party, but I’m sure we can still have some fun.

If you’d like to play along, subscribe to our RSS feed or join our group on flickr and submit pictures to the pool.  You can also follow our updates via Facebook or on Twitter.

Hope to see you out on the streets and paths!

Spear Fishing by Zane Selvans on flickr

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